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Alan Rickman Video Library Expanded [Jun. 8th, 2005|01:08 am]
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7 June (Reuters) - A new title was added to the Rebecca McLeod and Meredith Snyder Alan Rickman Video Library on Monday, June 6th. During an extensive search of the Regent Mall MalWart racks in search of cheap Family Guy DVDs for a family member's birthday, staff member and founder Meredith Snyder discovered a VHS copy of GalaxyQuest for $2.88. "It was a price I couldn't turn down," Snyder says, Developing the Rickman collection is a priority with us and at that price, it would be a crime not to purchase the cassette." Despite skepticism about actor Tim Allen's comedic skills, reviewer S. Kitchen described the film as "Pretty funny" after initial viewing. A more complete review was not available at press time. The film will be presented along with such titles as Blow Dry, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dark Harbor, and Love Actually at upcoming Alan Rickman film events in the Fredericton area.