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...because groove is in the heart.

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One day, in the middle of exams, two great wits by the name of Meredith and Becca, in a fit of procrastination, were gabbing on the phone as any pair of best gossips should. Suddenly, they realised the reason that their small town had been growing increasingly mundane: they had lost their GROOVE! Upon further consideration, these two great minds came to understand that everyone had lost their groove, and all of the happy folks around them were living in a perpetual and miserable state of groovelessness. It was time to do something! As a fifteen minute, "This paper is going nowhere shoot me how please," conversation evolved into a four-hour soul-restoring giggle fest, OPERATION GROOVATION was founded to rescue and restore the collective groove of the community. Hold on to your hats, ladies and germs! We are in for a fantabulous summer!